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Title: ポリゴンの図心を基準点に用いた高精度幾何補正
Authors: 宮田, 剛
JEONG, Jong Hyeok
高木, 方隆
Issue Date: 2-Jul-2007
Publisher: 日本写真測量学会
Journal Title: 写真測量とリモートセンシング
Volume: 46
Issue: 3
Start Page: 33
End Page: 38
Abstract: 高分解能衛星画像IKONOSを対象に,ポリゴンの図心を基準点とした高精度幾何補正の有効性を検討した。ポリゴンとして田畑の形を利用した。地球の丸みによる歪を補正したデジタル画像を使用したデータ,シミュレーションによる検討,地上基準点の取得手法として地上基準点ポリゴンの取得と図心計算手法,画像基準点の取得方法として画像基準点ポリゴンの取得と図心計算手法,取得データ及び幾何補正結果を述べた。結果によれば,1/4ピクセルは達成しなかったもののサブピクセルでの幾何補正が行えた。
Recently, high resolution satellite imageries (about 1 meter spatial resolution) are used in many fields. Generally, they are expected to be overlaid with GIS data and updating existing map. It is important issue for remote sensing to detect land-use/land-cover changes using high resolution satellite imageries. Therefore, the accuracy of geometric correction should be reduced to sub-pixel error. It is necessary to prepare accurate control points to correct geometrically. The control points are Ground Control Point (GCP) collected from the ground surface and corresponded Image Control Point (ICP) from selected imagery. Nowadays, the defined centroids of circles on the ground are used as accurate control points. However, it is difficult to prepare circle type GCPs. The existing types could be evaluated at first part of this study. Continuously, accurate geometric correction could be established using centroids of the polygons as control points. The result showed 0.54m pixel error by applying proposed methodology. It showed that the accuracy of proposed method is approximately same as circle type centroid method. Therefore centroid of rectangular type and polygon type were efficient for the geometric correction of high resolution imageries.
Rights: 日本写真測量学会
Type: Journal Article
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10173/648
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