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Title: Players in Architectural Project Process Flow Towards Sustainable Buildings : Case Studies Based Outline
Authors: Figueiredo, Ivana Almeida de
Yashiro, Tomonari
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: Society for Social Management Systems
Journal Title: Society for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Abstract: On the hand of amplifying the current comprehension on a sustainable performance of a building, based on the management of project architectural process flow, the discussion of this paper is the reorganization of significant information about pre-selected outstanding sustainable buildings case studies, part of the master research titled "Management of Project towards Less Unsustainable Architecture", in order to configure the best practices of each case, unfolded to future architectural constructions. On this way, the methodology is supported on interview of one key person involved to each pre-selected project, crap of the up mentioned research, based on the further stages: 1) the quantification and pre-identification of green solutions used in the buildings; 2) the pick of the involved team members that worked for the solutions and the communication type in between; 3) the pre-identification and qualification of outstanding project challenges of some specific green solutions; 4) the definition of communication on the process flow of the selected architectural projects, considering the team members into the activities; 5) the points of the project where the sustainable solutions were taken into the plan. 6) the construction, afterwards, of an overlapping between the results of the selected case studies, toward on detecting the best practices during the flow that confers sustainability to the buildings. Finally, based on a typical architectural process flow, the overlapping of the obtained information during the interviews over the comprehension of the case studies will clarify significant points in what it is possible to input extra attention and effort to guarantee sustainability to the buildings, considering the entire flow, but focusing into the planning phase of the project. The resulted process map will be able to configure an important management of project tool for future architectural projects process flow, supporting significantly the construction professionals on guiding their works, warranting less unsustainable performing of the general results of the buildings.
Type: Conference Paper
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10173/1852
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