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Title: Assessing the Potential of Remotely sensed Data for Water Quality Monitoring of Coastal and Inland Waters
Authors: Bhatti, Asif Mumtaz
Rundquist, Donald C.
Nasu, Seigo
Takagi, Masataka
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: Society for Social Management Systems
Journal Title: Society for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Abstract: The objective of this research study was to assess the potential of remotely sensed data for estimation of water quality parameters in water bodies. The assessment was based on the field measurements, laboratory examination and data analysis of the collected hyperspectral reflectance data. The factors influencing the qualitative and quantitative nature of the spectra were also analyzed. The hyperspectral data is integrated into ALOS/AVNIR-2 band widths. Examination and correlation of simulated ALOS data reveals that multiplicative two band approach by using Band 4 (NIR) and Band 3 (Red) is best predictor of suspended sediments in water bodies. The ratio of ALOS/AVNIR-2 Band 3 and Band 1 was most closely correlated with Chl-a concentration. For estimation of total suspended sediments (TSS), a higher accuracy was achieved using the Band 4 /Band 2 ratios. Color dissolved organic matters (CDOM) were found to be well correlated with Band 1/Band 2. Regression models were developed and the applicability of developed models was tested. The correlation coefficients with R^2 >0.70 elucidate the effectiveness of developed remote models for water quality monitoring. The developed algorithms have potential for estimation of water quality parameters in inland and coastal waters. The research work demonstrates an example for the feasibility of remotely sensed data for effective and efficient monitoring of suspended sediments, total suspended sediments, chlorophyll and (CDOM) in water bodies.
Type: Conference Paper
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10173/1712
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