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Title: A Study of the Cultural Strategy on Preservation and Development
Authors: Aizawa, Masayuki
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: Society for Social Management Systems
Journal Title: Society for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Abstract: Based on the combination of a metaphysical mindset and a material view of nature, as represented by Platonism, the loss of humanity and the destruction of the environment are possible negative consequences of modernization engendered by a mechanistic view of nature in the Modern Ages. Science and technology are based on the same fundamental idea of modernization and have contributed to bettering the life, liberty, and property of human beings; however, there are still countless people in many nations worldwide, who cannot, as yet, enjoy these benefits. This notwithstanding, we must not simply relinquish modernization; instead, it is crucial for us to utilize it in such a manner that we succeed in building an integrated infrastructure management system that is based on cultural creativity and that can control a variety of complicated occurrences in the world. With regard to the complex situation of preservation and development, owing to which foregoing modernization has been discussed, I have presented my idea of Player Theory (the outcome of a game is determined by its rules and the players’ talent) based on the concepts of continuity of time and future potentiality based on historicality. It is one of the ideas that constitute the framework of my cultural strategy; moreover, it also provides a theoretical basis for my related idea of Project Hydroscape (the positive meaning of water against the world water crisis). In addition, some practical examples from Japan and overseas will be provided in order to verify this idea; these examples are specifically related to the meaning of modernization and historicality.
Type: Conference Paper
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10173/1690
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