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Title: Evidence of halo structure in ^<37>Mg observed via reaction cross sections and intruder orbitals beyond the island of inversion
Authors: Takechi, M.
Suzuki, S.
Nishimura, D.
Fukuda, M.
Ohtsubo, T.
Nagashima, M.
Suzuki, T.
Yamaguchi, T.
Ozawa, A.
Moriguchi, T.
Ohishi, H.
Sumikama, T.
Geissel, H.
Aoi, N.
Chen, Rui-Jiu
Fang, De-Qing
Fukuda, N.
Fukuoka, S.
Furuki, H.
Inabe, N.
Ishibashi, Y.
Itoh, T.
Izumikawa, T.
Kameda, D.
Kubo, T.
Lantz, M.
Lee, C. S.
Ma, Yu-Gang
Matsuta, K.
Mihara, M.
Momota, S.
Nagae, D.
Nishikiori, R.
Niwa, T.
Ohnishi, T.
Okumura, K.
Ohtake, M.
Ogura, T.
Sakurai, H.
Sato, K.
Shimbara, Y.
Suzuki, H.
Takeda, H.
Takeuchi, S.
Tanaka, K.
Tanaka, M.
Uenishi, H.
Winkler, M.
Yanagisawa, Y.
Watanabe, S.
Minomo, K.
Tagami, S.
Shimada, M.
Kimura, M.
Matsumoto, T.
Shimizu, Y. R.
Yahiro, M.
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: American Physical Society
Journal Title: Physical Review C
Volume: 90
Issue: 6
Start Page: 061305-1
End Page: 061305-5
Abstract: Precise reaction cross sections (σR) for ^<24−38>Mg on C targets at energies around 240 MeV/nucleon have been measured at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory at RIKEN. The σR for ^<36−38>Mg have been measured for the first time. An enhancement of σ_R compared to the systematics for spherical stable nuclei has been observed, especially in the neutron-rich region, which reflects the deformation of those isotopes. In the vicinity of the drip line the σ_R for ^<37>Mg is especially large. It is shown by analysis using a recently developed theoretical method that this prominent enhancement of σ_R for ^<37>Mg should come from the p-orbital halo formation breaking the N=28 shell gap.
Rights: ©2014 American Physical Society
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.90.061305
Type: Journal Article
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10173/1504
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