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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal Name
2013Ultimately Simple One-pot Single-step Synthesis of Rare Earth Doped Spherical Mesoporous Metal Oxide Nanospheres with Upconversion Emission Ability in Supercritical MethanolWang, Pengyu; Yokoyama, Kazuya; Konishi, Tomoya; Nishiwaki, Nagatoshi; Kobiro, KazuyaThe Journal of Supercritical Fluids
Feb-2015Ultra-simple synthetic approach to the fabrication of CeO_2-ZrO_2 mixed nanoparticles into homogeneous, domain, and core-shell structures in mesoporous spherical morphologies using supercritical alcoholsPradeep, Ellawala K. C.; Habu, Teppei; Tooriyama, Hiroko; Ohtani, Masataka; Kobiro, KazuyaThe Journal of Supercritical Fluids
Mar-2016Understanding and Designing Motion Gesture Interfaces for People with Visual ImpairmentsDIM, Nem Khan-
2013Unique Catalytic Effect of a Cyclodextrin Host on Photodimerization of Coumarin in Nonpolar SolventsAsahara, Haruyasu; Iwamoto, Takuya; Kida, Toshiyuki; Akashi, MitsuruTetrahedron Letters
Aug-2015Velocity-dependent transverse momentum distribution of fragments produced from ^<40>Ar+^9Be at 95 MeV/nucleonMomota, S.; Tanihata, I.; Ozawa, A.; Notani, M.; Yoshida, K.; Morimoto, K.; Yamaguchi, T.; Onishi, T.; Yoshida, A.; Watanabe, Y. X.; Liu, Z.; Ono, A.Physical Review C
Mar-2014Verification Model and Approximation-Based Implementation of Information-Based Access ControlLAMILLA, ALVAREZ Pablo-
6-Jun-2009Verification of the Effectiveness of the Online Tuning System for Unknown Person in the Awaking Behavior Detection SystemSatoh, Hironobu; Takeda, FumiakiLecture Notes in Computer Science
11-Jun-1905VERSATILE SYNTHESIS OF 5,6-DIHYDRO-1,4-DITHIEPINS AND THEIR SYNTHETIC APPLICATIONSSaigo, Kazuhiko; Hashimoto, Yukihiko; Fang, Lan; Hasegawa, MasakiHeterocycles
2013Versatility of One-pot, Single-step Synthetic Approach for Spherical Porous (Metal) Oxide Nanoparticles Using Supercritical AlcoholsWang, Pengyu; Ueno, Kimiyoshi; Takigawa, Hikaru; Kobiro, KazuyaThe Journal of Supercritical Fluids
Sep-2010Violacein biosynthesis and its regulation in Pseudoalteromonas sp. 520P1ZHANG, Xi-
1-Oct-2004Virtual 3D Gearbox Widget Technique for Precise Adjustment by Hand Motion in Immersive VROSAWA, Noritaka; REN, XiangshiIEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
Aug-2008Voltage-based fault path tracing by transistor operating point analysisSanada, MasaruMicroelectronics Reliability
May-2012WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT : PATHWAYS FOR SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC GROWTH AND POVERTY ERADICATIONBhatti, Asif M.; Koike, Toshio; Nasu, SeigoSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
2012Well-arrayed ZnO nanostructures formed by multi-annealing processes at low temperatureWang, Dapeng; Li, Zeming; Kawaharamura, Toshiyuki; Furuta, Mamoru; Narusawa, Tadashi; Li, ChaoyangPhysica Status Solidi (C)
Sep-2011A WiFi-based Adjustment Algorithm for GPS Positioning on SmartphoneLI, Shuyang; AN, XuehuiSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
1-Apr-2006XML文書に対するアクセシビリティガイドライン適合性検証高田, 喜朗; 中村, 岳志; 関, 浩之電子情報通信学会論文誌. D, 情報・システム = The IEICE transactions on information and systems
31-Mar-2006XRDおよびRBSによるRPD製膜した多結晶GZO薄膜の評価根引, 拓也; 山田, 高寛; 岸本, 誠一; 牧野, 久雄; 粟井, 清; 山本, 哲也; 成沢, 忠高知工科大学紀要
20-Jul-2013YOSAKOIサマースクール坂本, 季実子; 福留, 園子; 八田, 章光高知工科大学紀要
Showing results 708 to 727 of 1264
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