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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal Name
15-Jul-2009Hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopic investigation of palladium catalysts immobilized on a GaAs(001) surfaceShimoda, M.; Konishi, T.; Tateishi, K.; Toujyou, T.; Tsukamoto, S.; Nishiwaki, N.; Arisawa, M.; Hoshiya, N.; Shuto, S.; Isomura, N.; Yokota, H.; Furukawa, Y.; Iizuka, K.; Ogiwara, T.; Isozaki, Y.; Yamashita, Y.; Yoshikawa, H.; Ueda, S.; Kobayashi, K.Journal of Applied Physics
Sep-2017Hardware/software co-design for Neural Network trained by improved Particle Swarm Optimization星野, 孝総; DANG, Tuan Linh-
Mar-2018Hierarchical processes of binocular vision and depth perception繁桝, 博昭; HE, Shufang-
Feb-2008Highly charged ion beam applied to lithography technique (invited)Momota, Sadao; Nojiri, Yoichi; Taniguchi, Jun; Miyamoto, Iwao; Morita, Noboru; Kawasegi, NoritakaReview of Scientific Instruments
Mar-2008Household Water Demand Management Model By Using Input-Output Table with Impacts from Pricing PolicySuttinon, Pongsak; Nasu, SeigoSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
20-Oct-1998How Are the Differences between Selection Strategies Affected by Changes in Target Size, Distance and Direction?REN, Xiangshi; MORIYA, ShinjiIEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
Sep-2011How to realize the regional revitalization of Hokkaido taking into account measuresOHTA, KiyozumiSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Sep-2012Human Lower Limb Dynamic Analysis Using Wearable Sensors and Its Applications to a Rehabilitation Robot井上, 喜雄; CAO, Enguo-
Mar-2009A Hybrid Ground Subsidence Prediction Model for Airport Pavement ManagementKobayashi, Kiyoshi; Kaito, KiyoyukiSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Dec-2014HYBRID WATER INPUT-OUTPUT MODEL FOR REGIONAL MANAGEMENTNASU, Seigo; BONGOCHGETSAKUL, Nattakorn; UEMOTO, Kotomi; IHARA, Takeo; SUTTINON, PongsakSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
2012Hydroxylated surface of GaAs as a scaffold for heterogeneous Pd catalystNishiwaki, Nagatoshi; Konishi, Tomoya; Hirao, Shotaro; Yamashita, Yoshiyuki; Yoshikawa, Hideki; Shimoda, MasahikoPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Mar-2018I/Oボード制御プログラムをJavaScriptで試作するためのライブラリ鵜川, 始陽; 大石, 孝文-
15-Jul-2011IBM研究所とトロント大学滞在見聞任, 向実; Xiangshi, REN高知工科大学紀要
Mar-2009Impact of Climate Change on Snowmelt Runoff : a Case Study of Tamakoshi Basin in NepalShilpakar, Raja Bhai; Shakya, Narendra Man; Hiratsuka, AkiraSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Mar-2007Impact of Decreasing Birthrate and Aging Society on the Residents’ Quality of Life in Large Metropolitan AreasKachi, Noriyasu; Yamamoto, Teppei; Kato, Hirokazu; Hayashii, YoshitsuguSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Mar-2010Impact Of Global Climate Change On Infrastructure System For Flood Control In Urban River BasinsMorita, MasaruSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Sep-2011Impact of Increase or Decrease in Population on Demand for Construction in terms of Consumption of Cement in Each Prefecture in JapanOUCHI, MasahiroSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
1-Jul-2010Impact of lithium releases on ionospheric electron density observed by impedance probe during WIND campaignUemoto, Jyunpei; Ono, Takayuki; Yamada, Tomohisa; Suzuki, Tomonori; Yamamoto, Masa-Yuki; Watanabe, Shigeto; Kumamoto, Atsush; Iizima, MasahideEarth, Planets and Space
Mar-2008Impact on Passenger and Cargo Flow Caused by the Functional Decline of the International AirportIkeda, HidefumiSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Sep-2011Importance of controlling temperature rise due to heat of hydration in massive concrete elementsNANAYAKKARA, AnuraSociety for Social Management Systems Internet Journal
Showing results 479 to 498 of 1679
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